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Treating Chronic Pain No Matter the Season

Winter Health Chronic Pain Relief

During the holiday season, many factors can cause patients to struggle. Not only are there icy roads that make driving to appointments and holiday-related expenses dangerous, but chronic pain can also keep patients from leaving their homes. In chronic illness cases, many patients miss out on their physical therapies, medication follow-ups, and even future surgical treatments due to their pain during winter. However, many pain management clinics are opting to use telemedicine as a way for patients to keep up with their treatments. As a new way to keep up with appointments, telemedicine can give patients the peace of mind they need during this hectic time and help them when they need it most. 

Treating Chronic Pain No Matter the Season

The cold weather of the winter season can cause chronic pain to worsen. Many factors affect the body, including barometric pressure, blood vessel constriction, and less physical activity. The low temperatures that come with winter can be disastrous for those with chronic, persistent pain and, most of all, can impact their ability to function regularly. 

Because of these factors, telehealth is the best option, allowing chronic pain patients to meet with their physicians from the comfort of their homes without exposing them to the effects of winter. Telemedicine is an online method for communicating with physicians that allow remote communication wherever the patient is. It represents a major opportunity for both patients and their doctors to continue care during the winter season for pain management and chronic pain treatment. During a telemedicine session, patients during winter can easily talk with their pain specialists about various aspects of their health and receive vital forms of care, including:

  • Real-Time Interaction: Real-time interaction allows patients to experience face-to-face care with the physicians they trust the most and gives them peace of mind with their chronic pain care. 
  • Medication and Follow-Ups: Updates to medication dosages and follow-up appointments can easily be achieved on a digital scale with the help of digital medical records and progress reports sent across devices. 
  • Maintaining Privacy: Patients worried about their sense of security can easily feel at peace in their homes when visiting their physicians online. 
  • Ongoing Treatment and Support: Patients with chronic pain can easily continue their treatment programs by only scheduling necessary appointments in-person with their specialists, all the while maintaining the support they need most from their medical team. 

See if Telemedicine Appointments Are Right For You

Through telemedicine, patients can easily avoid the pressures of the winter season by visiting their doctor online. There’s no need to travel far under icy conditions for treatment, nor is there any need to expose themselves to the elements to gain the car they need most. To learn more about your options, see if your pain specialists offer telemedicine appointments and try it out for yourself. By using telemedicine, you can work with your pain specialists to reduce chronic pain and manage your symptoms so you can enjoy the holiday season without worry.



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