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Meet The Team

Dr. Calvin Cajigal, M.D.

Dr. Calvin Cajigal, M.D.

Dr. Gregory Smith D.O.

Dr. Gregory Smith D.O.

Dr. Stephen Schmidt M.D.

Dr. Stephen Schmidt M.D.

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Dr. Calvin Cajigal, MD

Dr. Calvin Cajigal was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. He’s been practicing Anesthesiology and Pain Management since 2014 and has been with Pain Management Services since 2018. He completed medical school at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and his residency in Anesthesiology at Case Western Reserve University – Metrohealth Medical Center in Cleveland, OH. Dr. Cajigal owes his passion for Pain Management to Dr. Tabbaa, who really showed him the “art” of being a physician during his first rotation as an anesthesiology resident. It was an amazing experience for Dr. Cajigal to see him really connect with patients and guide them through their difficult chronic pain issues. He loved seeing a person who came to the clinic in severe pain and just moments later seeing them with pain relief walking out after a simple minimally invasive procedure.

When Dr. Cajigal completed his residency, he pursued a fellowship in Pain Management at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. He is board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Management by the American Board of Anesthesiology.

Dr. Gregory Smith

Dr. Gregory Smith is from a small town in west Tennessee, but has loved living in St. Louis with his wife and daughters. He has over 40 years of medical experience, 29 of which with Anesthesiology & Pain Management.

He attended medical school at the University of Health and Sciences and was an ER physician for 6 years prior to Anesthesiology residency at St. Louis University Medical Center, which he completed in 1993.

The specialty of Anesthesiology was a natural entry into pain management with similar skill-set.

He liked, and still does, interacting with patients and helping them manage their pain.

Upon completing his residency, Dr. Smith began his practice with Pain Management Servicesand has been with them ever since, minus two years when he practiced in FL.

Dr. Stephen Schmidt

Dr. Stephen Schmidt was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri.

He attended medical school at St. Louis University School of Medicine and completed his Internship in Surgery and his Anesthesia residency at St. Louis University Hospitals.

During his anesthesia residency, Dr. Schmidt had the opportunity to work with an anesthesiologist attending who was passionate about pain management. His passion was quickly transferred to Dr. Schmidt and the attending became integral in fostering Dr. Schmidt’s love for pain management.

Dr. Schmidt started with Pain Management Services in 1993. That was the year he completed his residency. When he first started he split his time equally with the general operating room anesthesia and pain management. For the last 22 years, he has been practicing pain management exclusively.

Dr. Stephen Schmidt is board certified in both anesthesia and pain management by the American Board of Anesthesiology.