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Why Does My Chronic Pain Get Worse?

Woman Experiencing Stress from Severe Chronic Pain

Numerous conditions, such as diseases, and chronic physical, mental, or social stress, are among the numerous causes of chronic pain. Although your brain determines whether you are in pain, discomfort is not always in your mind. For instance, a damaged or worn-out physical part is not usually the source of discomfort. Longer-lasting pain issues are frequently possible the more signals the brain receives and the more the brain classifies those signals as pain.

What is Making My Chronic Pain Worse?

Consider what you can do to alter your life and eliminate your suffering if you want to experience less pain tomorrow than you do now and next week than you did this week. Your discomfort may be becoming worse for the following reasons:

  • Smoking: There is no denying that smoking exacerbates chronic discomfort, according to research. Additionally, it increases the intensity of any pain you may already be experiencing and increases your risk of developing chronic pain. Smokers are roughly three times more likely to get persistent back pain, and many other forms of pain are also linked to smoking. Utilizing tobacco and nicotine reduces the oxygen to your muscles, which is necessary for effective muscular use.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: Muscles that are hardly ever utilized gradually lose strength and endurance. Because weak muscles are far less effective, essential showering requires more effort. In addition to making muscles weaker, weak muscles can also cause falls. Falls might also cause increased pain and restricted movement.
  • Stress: Your breathing and muscles tense when your heart rate rises under stress. Stress can also lead to agitation and anxiety, which amplify pain sensations.
  • Focusing on pain: Your brain cannot concentrate on many things simultaneously. Have you ever been too busy to remember that you had a headache? Your brain might use less energy to process your discomfort while you are focused on anything else. You can lessen your suffering by letting something else take center stage. Conversely, focusing just on pain causes you to tune out everything else.
  • Refusing to take pain medication: The purpose of a pain medication prescription from your doctor is to lessen your pain. Perhaps you could still be concerned about addiction or passing a drug test. The adverse effects of your drug can bother you. You could only wish to cleanse your body.
  • If you avoid going to the doctor: Your doctor should presume that nothing has changed and you are still in discomfort. Wrong. Research advancements broaden our understanding of diseases and treatments every day. Your doctor is your best source of information.

While it may be alluring to complete everything on your to-do list on a day when you are pain-free, you risk setting yourself behind several days as you recuperate. Maintaining a consistent level of exercise throughout the day is preferable—one you are confident your body can manage.

Let Pain Management Services Help You With Your Chronic Pain

Several things can make chronic pain worse, including many more. You may get a safe and efficient treatment for your chronic pain from Dr. Calvin Cajigal at Pain Management Services. Call us at (314) 821-8644 to schedule an appointment if you live in Baldwin, Missouri, and need help managing your chronic pain.



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