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Ways to Manage Your Chronic Pain All Year Round

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Over 30% of people in the United States alone suffer from a chronic pain condition. Unlike acute pain, chronic pain lingers. Those with chronic pain conditions live with their condition every year and have been doing so for periods of greater than three months.  The majority of their lives are lived working through the pain, trying not to let it get in the way of daily activities. There are an enormous number of reasons someone may experience chronic pain. They can be the result of illnesses, injuries, genetics, or prolonged periods of emotional, social, or physical stress. 

How To Live With Chronic Pain And Enjoy Life

Living with chronic pain is as emotionally frustrating as it is physically exhausting.  In many cases, there may be no underlying cause of the pain that’s immediately visible. Those living with chronic pain often encounter disbelief from others since they “look healthy.” They often have days where they can function more or less normally. These days can quickly be interrupted by the onset of chronic pain, or they may wake up the next day in pain. In many cases of chronic pain there is no physical ailment to point at and describe as the source of your pain. 

Managing chronic pain is an important part of living a full and happy life with these conditions. Consider the following tips to help manage yours:

  • Practice good posture, move gently, and stretch – Doing full body stretches can help many types of chronic pain. Doing Tai Chi and Yoga for 10-15 minutes a day can make an incredible difference.
  • Stay Active – While everything must be done in moderation, staying active is an important part of keeping chronic pain at bay. Even when it doesn’t help the pain directly, it can serve as a distraction and keep your body healthy.
  • Pace Yourself – While practicing the above tips, be certain to do so with care. Listen to your body and what it has to tell you as you go through your day. It’s important to know when it’s time to take a break. Allowing exhaustion or pain to get out of control can lead to a prolonged period of being incapacitated.
  • Focus on Relaxation – Stress is a major contributor to chronic pain. This makes limiting its presence in your life a priority. Consider practicing mindfulness, doing relaxed breathing, and active or passive muscle relaxation. There are smartphone apps that can help.
  • Stay Positive – Our mental state has an immense impact on our overall health. One of the major underlying factors that have been discovered related to chronic pain is stress. Maintaining a positive outlook has been shown to relieve stress and lessen the experience of pain. This makes it an important tool for controlling chronic pain conditions.

Speak To Your Pain Specialist For More Tips

Pain specialists work with patients like you every day. They’re focused on helping these individuals live full and active lives. If you’re suffering from chronic pain and are looking for ways to improve your quality of life, call for a consultation today. You could be setting out on a road to meaningful relief from chronic pain.



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