Diagnostic Facet Injections

Diagnostic Facet Injections At Pain Management Services

The first step of addressing pain is to identify its origin. One technique Pain Management Services use to accomplish this is a Diagnostic Facet Injection. This procedure effectively determines if the source of your pain is the facet joints. These joints are located on the top and bottom of your vertebra and serve to connect them. They’re essential to protecting your vertebra from wear and tear, allowing natural movement and spinal flexion. When these facet joints become impacted by swelling, pain, or inflammation, it can lead to pain and difficulty moving.

How Diagnostic Facet Injections Are Use To Treat Pain

Facet blocks, also known as diagnostic facet injections (DFI), are used to either confirm or determine the origin of your pain. A blend of steroids and local anesthetics is directly injected into the spinal facet joints at the point where pain or stiffness is occurring. Inactivity and long periods spent sitting can lead to loss of mobility in the back, stiffness, and pain from facet joint syndrome. The areas that you may experience these symptoms include:

  • Lumbar Region – The lower back
  • Thoracic Region – The back from neck to lower back
  • Cervical Region – The neck

Following a DFI, it will become possible to determine if the suspected area is the source of the pain. Pain relief following the injection indicates that your pain is indeed coming from the facet joints. The pain will slowly return as the injections wear off. Your physician will use this time to determine a long-term plan of treatment to relieve your pain.

The DFI procedure is a fairly straightforward one, beginning in the procedure room. You may elect to have sedation for the procedure. Discuss this with your physician. The injection point area will be numbed and sterilized prior to injection. A tool called a fluoroscope will be used to guide the needle into the suspected facet joint. Once in position, your physician will inject the solution of medications directly into the joint space. In many cases, the relief is felt almost immediately. Once the needle is removed, the injection site will be bandaged.

Thanks to the minimally invasive approach of the procedure, recovery is relatively brief. You will discuss the results of the procedure with your doctor. The remaining pain and any apparent pain relief will help them develop a proper diagnosis. Any pain relief indicates the facet joint was involved in the pain. This relief can extend for days, weeks, or months.

Your physician will have you follow-up to develop a treatment plan. This plan will involve all the steps necessary to achieve a more permanent relief from your pain.

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