Personal Injury Evaluation And Treatment

Personal Injury Evaluation And Treatment

It’s common for evaluations to be called for when it comes to personal injuries, slip and falls, and car accidents. These types of evaluations are typically called for by personal injury attorneys, or patients seeking treatment for these injuries.

How We Perform Personal Injury Evaluations and Treatment

When a personal injury evaluation is being done, the goal is to determine an injury’s impact on the individual injured. Personal injury evaluation takes into account pre and post-injury comparisons with the goal of determining how well they function following the injury. The goal of a personal injury evaluation is to formulate an unbiased opinion on the patient’s conditions and treatment options.

When you receive a personal injury evaluation with Pain Management Specialists, we start by looking at how you were impacted by the event and what harm you have experienced as a result.

The points we focus on are:

  • Functioning before the alleged injury – This helps us establish a baseline of function prior to the event, including any pre-existing impairments or vulnerabilities. We achieve this by performing interviews with relevant individuals, including co-workers and family members.
  • Functioning during and immediately after the alleged injury – Here, we ask about the patient’s recollection of the event. This helps us determine how they reacted to it and if it’s consistent with the severity and nature of the event.
  • Functioning between the injury and date of evaluation – This helps us determine the impact of the event as time passes. This addresses functional concerns, as well as the advance of the symptoms that occurred at the time of the alleged injury.
  • Functioning on the date of the evaluation – This is an essential part of the process as it’s based on direct observations and physical exam findings rather than recollections. This allows us to observe findings of the effects of the injury and how they’ve developed based on previous reports.
  • Potential function in the future – This stage is based on all current observations, objective findings and response to treatment. It addresses the potential future repercussions of the injury.

Based on taking the history from the patient, performing a detailed physical exam, and looking at imaging and diagnostics tests, we can pursue appropriate treatments and interventions. All of this information and response to treatments help us to determine repercussions from the injury, and possible future outcomes for the patient.

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