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Workers’ Compensation at Pain Management Services

When an injury occurs at a workplace and leads to insurance or legal claims, a worker’s compensation rating may be required. During this rating, the details of the injury and what led to it are evaluated. This is accomplished using a variety of evaluations and tests being ordered. The results of these tests are used to determine what occurred and the impact it had on the affected worker. One common test that may be requested is an Independent Medical Exam or IME. Pain Management Services is available to serve as a third-party medical professional to provide an unbiased IME.

Workers’ Compensation Impairment And How It’s Evaluated

Impairment evaluations are used to determine the degree of impact an alleged injury will have on the affected worker. This is determined by evaluating the degree of function of the injured individual and how this has changed from before the event. Mental and physical impairments can both result from a workplace-related injury and can be rated from temporary to severe. The method used to evaluate these impairments can impact their benefits, compensation, and ability to claim Social Security.

Two common evaluations to obtain a worker’s compensation impairment rating is:

  • IME – An Independent Medical Exam is an evaluation of the events and the degree of injury sustained.
  • FCE – This type of evaluation is ordered to determine the types of tasks an injured individual is capable of performing.

These third-party tests help to paint a clear picture of the event and pave the way to a resolution. They serve to clarify any discrepancies in the descriptions of the injury provided by the worker, their attorney, and their workplace representative. This allows the company and its insurance provider to move forward with a clear, unbiased picture of events.

The process involved in putting an impairment rating is relatively straightforward. Both the insurer and the employer are required to stick to the worker’s compensation impairment rating guide issued for their state. In most cases, the worker will be requested to attend an Impairment Rating Evaluation (IRE) after 104 weeks of receiving benefits. They’ll arrive at our office on the appointed date to be examined. Their medical records will be examined, and any necessary tests will be performed.

We will then apply standardized guides to establish where on the worker’s compensation impairment rating scale the patient falls. This is typically indicated by a percentage with any rating over 50 indicating total impairment and 0 representing no impairment at all. These findings will be collected into a report and provided to the worker and the insurer. The worker then has the right to appeal the decision within a given period if they feel it is inaccurate.

Workers’ Compensation Support In Des Peres, MO

Dr. Smith is available to provide support as a third-party physician. If you need support as part of a workers’ compensation case, reach out to schedule an assessment with our office. 

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