Selective Nerve Root Injections / Pinched Nerve

Selective Nerve Root Injections And Pinched Nerve Pain

Our spine is the central hub for transmitting information throughout our body. Within the bones of the spine can be found minute holes that serve to pass nerve fibers into and out of the spinal column. Between each of the bones, known as vertebrae, cartilaginous supports known as intervertebral discs can be found. When damaged, these discs can protrude or bulge out, causing the nerves passing through the above-mentioned holes to be pinched. This compression causes the nerve fibers to become inflamed, creating sensations such as tingling, numbness, and pain. Selective nerve root injections are a treatment option provided by Pain Management services to address this condition.

Selective nerve root blocks, also known as selective nerve root injection, are a temporary treatment for pinched nerve pain. A needle is used to inject steroids and an anesthetic into the affected nerve. This dulls the sensations of pain being transmitted along these nerves, providing relief for the patient.

The insertion of the needle can cause mild discomfort, especially if the needle comes in contact with the nerve. This discomfort only lasts a short time and will pass once the injection has been completed. While this procedure is typically performed using a local anesthetic, some patients may prefer or need to be sedated instead.

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